Paraben Free Skin Care: Know Why You Need Them

Published: 28th March 2011
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If you try to look through your cosmetic and creams you might discover some products marked as paraben free skin care. But what can this stand for? Parabens are substances that are generally used as preservatives, because they are antifungal and antibacterial. Parabens may also occur naturally in some fruits like blueberries, but the 1 that we use in cosmetics are lab made.

Why do you consider paraben is a cause for concern?

The extent of danger of man-made chemicals may only be judged after many years of exposure, while natural parabens produced in food stuff is broken down by natural metabolic processes. However the substance that is applied to the skin can be quite bad for the body.

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Specilists have researched that paraben can be quite dangerous for the skin as it causes the release of the estrogen hormone, which may lead to cancer. There are several kinds of parabens, to state some: isoparaben, buytlparaben, methylparaben and many more. Hence, this chemical is usually seen in patients with breast cancer. Although, there is no actual proof that this chemical is the main cause for cancer, yet it is under a major suspicion for such a disease. This is why it is at all times recommended to utilize natural skin care or organic skin care items.

Is there any alternative for paraben free skin care?

There are several natural substances that can substitute this chemical, as synthetic ingredients will only fancily overtake natural items. Opting for natural or organic skin care cosmetic products will be much better in the end.

How can I know before I buy a skin care cosmetic product?

Label: you need to take a look at the packageing carefully for two very important words Ė fragrance and paraben. If you can see any of the 2 listed, there are high chances that the store owner only cares about making more cash, and does not care about taking care of your skin. Why fragrances? This is because the makers donít reveal what is within these fragrances. Even though the pleasent smelling products seem harmless, these can actually contain damaging substances within.

Research: the only way to find out if a certain item is paraben free skin care is to go to the official webpage and look for yourself the chemicals that may have been put into the product. You could also ask the vendor who is providing these product to you. If you discover that the cosmetic product does not consist of a website and, donít opt for buying the cosmetic product.

Donít go with fancy: donít purchase a skin care product because it comes in a fancy packing and has a pleasant smell. You certainly do not need your skin to test the side effects of this toxin.

Paraben Free Skin Care items will hopefully be the industry standard someday, but it is at all times best to opt for natural skin care products and not to go for artificial ingredients. At all times keep in mind to conduct some research about the cosmetic product before you buy your items from any source.

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